Monash Ivf Scientist Enterprise Agreement

Make sure your colleagues know that the EU recommends voting against the proposed agreement – share this graph Under the EU number urges you to vote no to the `agreement`. We will send a more detailed analysis of why the MSAV recommends that you DO NOT call the PROPOSED VOTE « agreement » – it is important to register your no vote, otherwise a « yes » vote might predominate! Overtime: Overtime should be paid as soon as a scientist works beyond its normal end, but the « agreement » is ambiguous on this point. On Call Allowance: An offensive $25 per 24 hours on Monday – Saturday – ($50 on Sundays and holidays) is offered and does not apply to scientists in classes 7 or 8. Monash`s IVF management told MSAV that it intends to put to a vote the « agreement » of IVF Monash Scientists. This is when no agreement has ever been reached during the negotiations! And the EU is making this a further proof of what we have already said in September 2016 – your employer is trying to put you at a significant disadvantage compared to sectoral standards. Classification structure and salaries: a flat and linear structure without Ordinary Hours increments: You can work at normal rates until 20:00 – after the Modern Prize, Position allowances apply for the entire position when normal hours are worked after 6 p.m. Here are some examples of what Monash IVF would like to approve: No disciplinary clause in `Agreement` Negotiations of an agreement that includes reasonable pay and employment conditions , are taken over. and we will organise a protected action vote to allow Members to vote in order to implement bans and to take other anti-work actions in order to support a fair agreement.