Dga Experimental Agreement

Assuming you have started your project and planning to hire a DGA director, you will have to become a signatory. The DGA offers different packages for producers and production companies that are specific to the project and budget. Packages contain applications, memos, packages and agreements that need to be verified by the manufacturer. Packages are divided into categories: movies, television, commercials and documentaries. The film is divided into two categories according to the budget of the film. Films with a budget of less than $11 million ($11,000,000) are considered a « low-budget theatrical film, » while films with a budget of more than $11 million ($11,000,000) are classified as « theatre films. » Television is divided into Episodic Television, Television Movie or Mini-Series, and Live Tape Television. The documentary package consists of « Theatrical Release, » « Low Budget Theatrical Release » and Made-for-Television release. Recently, the DGA began to use new media and experimental films as packages. Once the package applicable to the project has been selected, the manufacturer must complete the necessary forms and agreements and refer them to the DGA for verification. Some of the agreements it contains are the director`s rights over leftovers during distribution. The others are payments to the director for subsequent demonstrations of the project. For example, if it was a television series, the director may be indebted to remnants for rehearsals of the episodes on which the director worked.

If the DGA is satisfied that all necessary documents have been provided and/or executed, it grants the manufacturer signatory status prior to the start of the main photograph. Note that you may also need to contact the Reports Compliance and Residual divisions to ensure that you follow the DGA`s guidelines. Keep in mind that a production company can only hire a DGA member when these steps are complete. Manufacturers should always visit the DGA website to obtain information on the recruitment of a DGA member and to establish a checklist to ensure compliance with the DGA.